When you need a watch, show that you value your time. In the past, there was a joke that Hongkong people do not have a watch you can not find a job, the boss will think you this personThere is no time concept, do not do things.

So Hongkong people go to see the work can not have a suit, but not without a watch. Do not believe you can look up the bookstore selling about such as The wealth of rolex replica books, almost all the books that teach you how to develop, will point to the fundamental difference between the rich and the poor,When you are young, you can easily waste, kill, old and nothing. The rich have no lack of time, his time is not enough, his time is used in real time.

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First do not say that the watch has a decorative, foil the role of men's temperament, with a look at the valley to buy a watch example to illustrate that a man to pick a table, a look at the Is the kind of smart, smart type, simply people. Kaka kaka selected payment, when he said: "listen to the chain business watch out in the hotel.

I asked what is not convenient ah, he said the meeting, you dig a mobile phone at the time, the boss see you are unhappy, I said makes sense, he said you second Go out to see customers, look at a time from the pocket to dig a phone to open, is not very good taste, I said, he said that many occasions to dig the phone to see the time is not convenient, this It's a man's understanding of Replica Rolex taste. I remember a beauty that asked me, you know I see a man at first he what? I asked: "look at what?"

Beauty answer : To see if he is wearing a watch, it is interesting, a person who frequently dig a cell phone to see Rolex Watch the time, and a time to grasp the hand of the man, which is more taste it



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